The Peddlers (Коробейники) – Russian Folk Music



The Peddlers (Коробейники) – Russian Folk Music

Oh, so full, so full is my crate,
There’s even chintz and brocade.
Have mercy, sweetie, my loved one
For this lad’s shoulder!

I will come out, come out into the tall rye,
There I will wait until the night,
And once I see the girl with dark eyes,
I’ll lay down all my goods.

I myself have paid no small price,
So don’t bargain, don’t be stingy,
Bring up your scarlet lips,
Sit closer to the lad.

Now the misty night has come,
The daring lad awaits,
There she comes! The loved one is here,
The merchant is selling his goods.

Cautiously the lass is haggling,
Afraid to give everything away,
The guy is kissing the girl,
Asking to raise his prices.

Only the deep night knows,
What kind of deal they made.
Straighten up now, tall rye,
And faithfully keep the secret!

Oh, how light, how light is my crate,
The strap no longer cuts into my shoulders!
While the only thing that my loved one took
Was a turquoise ring.

I had given her a whole roll of chintz,
A scarlet ribbon for her braids,
A little belt, the white shirt
To wear during haymaking

The beloved put everything into her crate,
But the ring:
“I do not want to go around dressed up
Without my beloved boyfriend!”

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