Cossack on His Way Home (Шел казак по дороге домой) – Russian Cossack Song



Cossack on His Way Home (Шел казак по дороге домой) – Russian Cossack Song

Cossack was walking on his way home
Through the forest, on a straight road.
The plank broke, let the Cossack down
He bathed in ice cold water.

He climbed on the steep bank
And lit up a fire.
A girl was passing by and came up to him
“What happened to you, friend?”

The young Cossack answered her:
“I was catching a sturgeon under the water
But the river is fast, I couldn’t catch the sturgeon
And my boots scooped some water”

The maid answered him:
“Don’t get smoked, Cossack, over the fire
Don’t hurry to leave, let your boots dry off.
We will light a fire at home”

That Cossack was still young,
And he was also single.
Oh plank, little plank, you let the Cossack down!
He didn’t make it home that spring as a single man!

“She warmed him up!
She made the Fire!”

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